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The success of this project depends on the help of many volunteers. We are very grateful to all of them for their commitment to preserving for the future the history of these companies which were part of an industry that transformed the way people worked, played and communicated every day of their lives.

Company Contributors:

Thank you to the volunteers who are contributing their knowledge of what happened, when and why in the companies they founded and worked for. The information in the Corporate Histories database exists only because of their efforts.


Thank you to the professional historians support this project by providing their insight and expertise to help insure that the information we are collecting will be useful to historical researchers:
Atsushi Akera, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
David K. Allison, National Museum of American History
Bill Aspray, Indiana University
Tim Bergin (retired)
Glenn Bugos, The Prologue Group
Martin Campbell-Kelly, University of Warwick
Paul Ceruzzi, National Air and Space Museum
Jim Cortada, IBM
Nathan Ensmenger, University of Pennsylvania
David Grier, George Washington University / Annals of the History of Computing
Tom Haigh, University of Wisconsin
Michael Mahoney, Princeton University
Dag Spicer, Computer History Museum
Mike Williams, Computer History Museum
Jeff Yost, Charles Babbage Institute


Thank you to Lisa Kimball, Executive Producer, Group Jazz, for sharing her expertise in online group interaction.

Thank you to Dan Cohen, Roy Rosenzweig and Tom Scheinfeldt of the Center for History and New Media at George Mason University for sharing their expertise in using the Internet to collect historical information.

Management Advisory Council:

Thank you to the members of the Management Advisory Council who contribute their management expertise and industry knowledge to the project:
Jim Cortada, Charles Babbage Foundation Chair
Burt Grad, former President of the Software History Center
Len Shustek, Computer History Museum Chair
John Toole, Computer History Museum Executive Director and CEO (ex officio)

Computer History Museum Staff:

Thank you to CHM staff members who support the project through supervision of CHM staff members assigned to the project:

Mike Falarski, VP of Operations and Facilities
Kirsten Tashev, VP of Collections and Exhibitions
Mike Walton, Director of IT

Partners in Developing the Proposal

The proposal to the Sloan Foundation which resulted in the grant supporting this project was jointly developed by the Charles Babbage Foundation, the Computer History Museum, and the Software History Center, which was acquired by the Computer History Museum on January 1, 2005. Many thanks to these organizations for their support of the Information Technology Corporate Histories Project and their ongoing commitment to the preservation of information technology history.