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Contributor  David Laws

Date Joined  January 1966

Job Description
    I worked at SGS-Fairchild in marketing and field sales positions in the UK until 1968 when I joined Fairchild Semiconductor in Mountain View, CA. There I worked in a variety of sales and marketing roles, including Burroughs Program Manager, Digital Product Planning Manager, and Product Marketing Manager for Bipolar Memory.
    My most satisfying accomplishments at Fairchild included helping to plan and introduce the first Isoplanar memories (93410, 93415, etc), working with Rex Rice's group at R & D to help them win the Illiac IV memory contract (the first semiconductor main memory system), and, most challenging of all, devising and implementing a customer-friendly version of Fairchild's arcane product numbering system.

    Life after Fairchild included 11 years at Advanced Micro Devices in Sunnyvale where I ran the PAL business for several years. My last position was Vice President, Business Development. Moving on to Altera Corporation I was the first Marketing Vice President and after that the first CEO at QuickLogic.
Date Left  June 1972

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Date Entered  June 30, 2006