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Title: 84-Q1 Digital Research News For Digital Research Users Everywhere
Author: Nan Borreson
Created: March 1984
Publisher: Digital Research
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Filename: doc-4469894052757.pdf  (Size: 13.22 MB)
Pages: 8

    Digital Research News was a newsletter for users. This issue, Volume 4 Number 1 included articles on: AT&T project with DRI to Port UNIX V to Intel, Concurrent DOS on Motorola, New Retail Channels, Oglivy & Mather picked as ad agency, Dr Logo for 8 bit micro, convenience software shopping, Micro Graphics, DR Access 10, DR Draw, GSX add on, Concurrent CP/M with windows, Concurrent CP/M saves energy, Concurrent CP/M compatibility, Concurrent DOS on DEC Rainbow, DRI Eases Language port, two in one buy for programmers, IBM 3270 PC, DR Fortran 77 meets ANSI Spec, Personal CP/M, SoftNet, CP/M Card for Apple, and more

Entered By: Bill Selmeier
  May 16, 2006