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Title: Fairchild/Silicon Valley Genealogy Chart
Author: Don Hoefler, Harry Smallwood, and James E. Vincler
Created: 1977
Publisher: SEMI
Donated By: James E. Vincler
Filename: doc-45ff3e214d9ea.pdf  (Size: 656 KB)
Pages: 1

    The first published version of the Silicon Valley Genealogy chart that traced the lineage of 66 semiconductor companies founded between 1959 and 1976 back to Fairchild was prepared as part of the The Semicon/West '77 Souvenir Banquet Program honoring Drs. Bardeen, Brattain, and Shockley on the 30th anniversary of the discovery of the transistor. It was subsequently updated and reprinted at least twice by SEMI.

Entered By: David Laws
  March 19, 2007

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