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Sector: Desktop Publishing

    The desktop publishing sector includes companies whose personal computer hardware and software products are used to create and print documents which may be comprised of typography, graphics and/or images. The first element necessary for desktop publishing was the graphical user interface (GUI) introduced with Apple’s Macintosh in 1984. The GUI made it possible to design pictures and document-layout on screen in a visual or WYSIWYG (what-you-see-is-what-you-get) way. Complete desktop publishing capability came together in 1985 with the introduction of page-layout software as well as laser printers with PostScript page description language that enabled scalable fonts. Software for creating graphics and illustrations as well as image-editing software are also important elements of the desktop publishing revolution.

    The following companies have been selected to date for inclusion in the desktop publishing sector:


Entered By: Luanne Johnson
  July 26, 2005

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