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Name: Computer Usage Company
Sector: Professional Services

    CUC was founded in early 1955 as a sole proprietorship, started by John Sheldon, and later that year became a corporation, founded by John Sheldon and Elmer Kubie. The name, “Computer Usage Company,” might best describe the purpose of the company, which was to provide services that would assist clients in obtaining earlier and more effective use of computers. This took the form of analysis and programming and was the heart of the company’s business for many years. Programmers were a scarce commodity at that time and the company actively trained inexperienced people in programming, primarily people with a degree in mathematics and/or science, although several in music and the arts did well also. Women comprised over half of the technical staff and several had significant technical management positions. CUC completed an IPO in 1960 which netted $ 186,681 for the company. Other services were added in later years including Computer Usage Education (seminars, home-study courses), Computer Time Sales (computer-time brokerage), Computer Usage Facility Management (operating client’s computer facility), Computer Usage Business Services (payroll, accounting services). Ultimately the company experienced business reversals and ceased operations in 1986.


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Entered By: Luanne Johnson
  July 16, 2005

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