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Name: AGS Computers, Inc.
Sector: Professional Services

    On December 12, 1966, Three parties signed an agreement to form a corporation to be known as AGS Computers, Inc.: Joseph Abrams, Peter Graf, and Lawrence J. Schoenberg. The purpose of the corporation was to "...include the rendering of management consulting services in the field of electronic data processing, including the furnishing of computer programming services and other assistance in the installation and operation of electronic data processing equipment." The document specified share ownership, directors, officers and other positions, and salaries, among other matters.

    On 2/14/69, the SEC Form S-1 stated: "AGS Computers, Inc. ('the Company') of 21 East 40th Street, New York, New York 10016, was incorporated in New York on January 4, 1967. Its business is to sell computer programming services and systems (i.e 'software,' as opposed to the actual equipment which is termed 'hardware') to users and potential users and manufacturers of computers. Such activities include development of computer programs and systems to accomplish specific objectives desired by a client, modification of existing systems and programs and evaluation of computers and related equipment. The Company has also developed and sold, and proposes to attempt to continue to develop and market proprietary programs."

    AGS grew aggressively from that point forward, mainly based upon internal growth, until the later years when more significant acquisitions were made.

    On October 6, 1988, AGS became part of Nynex Corporation as a result of a merger of Nynex ISG Acquisition Company, Inc., a wholly-owned subsidiary of Nynex Corporation, into AGS Computers, Inc.


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Entered By: Luanne Johnson
  March 8, 2006

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