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Name: Semiconductor History
Sector: Semiconductor Sector

    Semiconductor History Information resource pages

    This site was created in late 2006 as working site for contributors to review and edit information used in the development of "The Silicon Engine," the Computer History Museum's on-line "Timeline of Semiconductors in Computers" exhibit. That website was unveiled in the fall of 2007 and can viewed at:

    The site is now serving as a repository of information and documents that are of interest to members of the Semiconductor Special Interest Group (Semi SIG) of the museum.

    Items posted under the "Documents" tab comprise original works created or collected by SIG members and reprints of previously published articles, papers, etc. submitted to the SIG (denoted Reprint). The latter are believed to be available for public posting. If this is not the case, copyright owners should advise the Facilitators listed below to request their removal.


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Entered By: Luanne Johnson
  December 16, 2006

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