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Name: Comshare
Sector: Time-Sharing

    Comshare was founded in February, 1966 in Ann Arbor, MI by Richard (Rick) Crandall and Bob Guise to commercialize the time-sharing operating system technology for SDS computers being developed at U.C. Berkeley. Guise undertook the responsibility of running the company while Crandall went to California to work with Tymshare, SDS, and U.C. Berkeley on a joint project to develop the time-sharing operating system, a copy of which was then given to each of the four partner organizations in August, 1966. In November 1968, Comshare became one of the first software/services companies to go public. In August 1970, Guise exited the company and Crandall was appointed CEO. Comshare successfully further developed and marketed time-sharing services well into the 1980s.

    However, in the late 1970s, as computing power became less expensive, many of Comshare’s customers wanted to be able to run the applications they were buying as a service from Comshare on their own in-house computers. Anticipating the decline of the time-sharing market, Crandall undertook the process of changing Comshare’s business model from time-sharing services to software products enabling another growth spurt for Comshare which continued to successfully market software products until its sale to GEAC in 2003.


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Entered By: Luanne Johnson
  August 29, 2009

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