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Name: Cullinane Corporation
Sector: Database Management Software Products

    Cullinane Corporation was founded by John Cullinane in Boston, MA in 1968 with the intent to repackage and market software developed by users. It was unusual among software companies of the time in that John Cullinane raised $500,000 on Wall Street to fund the start-up operation rather than choosing the more common route of selling contract programming services to support the company during its early years. Repackaging software developed by users turned out to be impractical, so the management changed strategy and developed a report generator called Culprit which became Cullinane's first successful software product. In 1973, Cullinane acquired the rights to a database management system called IDMS which became its flagship product. Cullinane Corporation went public in 1978, the first software product company to do so. The name was changed to Cullinet Software in 1983 and the company was sold to Computer Associates in 1989 for $330,000,000.


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Entered By: Luanne Johnson
  February 26, 2010

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