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Name: General Electric Information Services (GEIS)
Sector: Time-Sharing

    The precursor of General Electric Information Services began as a business unit within General Electric formed to sell excess computer time on the computers used to give customer demos. In 1965, Warner Sinback recommended that they begin to sell time-sharing services using the time-sharing system (Mark 1) developed at Dartmouth on a General Electric 265 computer. The service was an instant success and by 1968, GEIS had 40% of the $ 70 million time-sharing market. The service continued to grow, and over time migrated to the GE developed Mark II and Mark III operating systems running on large mainframe computers. By the mid-1970s, the GEIS network was providing business-to-business applications to customers throughout the world on its own global network. EDI services were started in the 1980's and grew to be the dominant part of the business.

    In June 2002, the investment firm Francisco Partners acquired Global eXchange Services (GXS), the successor to GEIS, from GE and began operating it as an independent firm.


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Entered By: Luanne Johnson
  January 11, 2005

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