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Name: Syncsort
Sector: Systems and Utilities Software

    Syncsort was founded on September 1, 1968, as Whitlow Computer Systems by Duane Whitlow and Stan Rintell. Their initial objective was to provide contract system design and programming services. However, an opportunity to review a sort manual led Whitlow to realize that he could write a much more efficient sort, Syncsort, which became the company's primary focus and led to changing the company's name. Syncsort, because it was much more efficient than the sorts provided by IBM, became one of the first non-IBM software products to be accepted by a large number of IBM users and led the way for greater acceptance of non-IBM software and hardware products in what had previously been exclusively IBM data processing shops. Syncsort is one of the very few software companies founded in the 1960s which has adapted to changes in technology and the marketplace and which is still successfully operating today.

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Entered By: Luanne Johnson
  March 9, 2010

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