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Name: Quantum
Sector: Data Storage Sector

    Quantum designed, manufactured and marketed rigid disk drives for use by Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM’s) in personal computers, workstations, and servers. Quantum was a leader in the markets in which it participated. Its business success was due to the ability to quickly achieve high volume production of reliable, cost-effective products. This was due to a number of factors including close integration of design and manufacturing engineering including concurrent product design and production process development.
    Quantum was founded in 1980 by a group of experienced managers from the disk drive and computer manufacturing industries. Early financing was provided by leading venture capital firms. The company became publicly traded in December 1982. Quantum acquired various business units of Digital Equipment Corporation in 1996 including its tape drive business. The hard disk business was merged into Maxtor Corporation in 2000. Quantum in 2005 is a leading supplier of tape and disk based backup, recovery and archive systems.


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Entered By: Luanne Johnson
  April 11, 2005

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