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Title: Plus Development launch
Author: John Levy
Created: March 16, 2006

    I left Apple in November, 1982, and shortly thereafter was introduced to Jim Patterson by our mutual stockbroker, Allen Chozen. Jim told me that the company was considering spinning off a group to develop a hard disk for the PC market. The following week, I delivered a lecture at Santa Clara University (recorded on videotape, which I still have) to the Executive Staff on "What is DOS?" and how it relates to the IBM PC.

    I was invited to join Dave Brown, Joel Harrison, Bernie Huth, and Rolf Brauchler at a planning session at Pajaro Dunes. We plotted the launch of Plus. I was the "systems guy" -- none of them had experience in computer systems or disk controllers.

    With the creation of "Bits in Space", then "BBH Corp" and finally, "Plus Development Corp.", I began consulting regularly. I helped define the system-related requirements for the HardCard development, including things like Compatibility Test (I hired Claude Camp as the first employee in that area), BIOS development, and software things in general. I also helped to put together the entire specification of the product for the Japanese manufacturing partners, MKE. This mostly involved editing of the English, including removing all abbreviations.

    As I recall, I and Zaydoon Jawadi were the only two long-term technical consultants to Plus. Zaydoon developed test equipment, and later went on to found his own company, Zadian.

Entered By: John Levy
  March 16, 2006