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Title: The Genesis of Plus Development, Dave Brown
Author: Dave Brown
Created: July 12, 2005

    I have a very short attention span and the next major thing for me was the starting of Plus Development. That was an amazing step as a startup and a technology. That was born out of the fact that we had a board member, Bob Schroeder[QUME]… he came into Quantum one day, this was right around 1983 when IBM brought out the PC. He said you guys all need to have a PC. There was a huge computer store on the corner of San Thomas and Steven’s Creek Boulevard. So he marched us all down there one evening and we all bought PC’s.
    One of the first things we noticed in the PC was that there was no hard disk. In order to put a hard disk in a PC you needed a 5-1/4” drive, a controller, a power supply, you had to integrate all this stuff and do some software. We decided that we would provide that solution in one PC slot. So we designed the hard disk to fit on a card which we called “Hard Card”. It was the first time in history that a controller was integrated onto the disc drive printed circuit board. Up until that time controllers were always a separate item. So this was a one slot solution to a hard disk in a PC. Besides really difficult development we did a lot of firsts: a controller chip set under X bucks which nobody said we could do, including Adaptec at the time… Another first was the size of the drive, 1” thick. Another first was that we thought of it as a consumer product, so we went to and started a long term relationship with a Japanese company [MKE] who was going to make it. [They] didn’t speak a lick of English and had never manufactured a hard disk drive in their whole life.
    So all of these things together in a dramatically shortened development schedule… this was a miraculous challenge. We met that challenge.

Entered By: Ron Dennison
  September 13, 2005

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